Our Client's Testimonials

Kirstie Khurm

My husband and I were referred to Khurm by Complete Mortgage Solutions. At the time we were 3 years into an IVA and desperately wanted out. Prior to the IVA I had looked online and spoke to several companies (claiming to be debt experts) about our options. We believed that the advice we had been given was impartial and that an IVA was the only solution for us - I only wish we had been referred to Khurm sooner!

After one meeting with Khurm we were given options we had never even considered before, nor imagined they would ever be available to us. We went from what seemed like a long hard road ahead to there being light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time it seemed we were being given advice by someone who had our best interests at heart; there was no hard sale, just a genuine sense of someone wanting to find the best solution to suit our circumstances.

We cannot thank Khurm enough for his knowledge and ongoing support

Mr and Mrs S

Just a quick message to say thank you to yourself, Keith and John for all the help and support we have received from you all. You really have made the process a lot less stressful and have made every step easier.

I don't think we could of done this without your help and guidance and one of the things that was really appreciated was the fact that you understood our situation and completely reassured us ( me especially! )
We felt fully supported and if we know anybody in financial difficulty and needs guidance, Lightside we certainly be highly recommended.

Thanks again, we really appreciate all you've done.

Mr and Mrs Smith
Mr. L
Dear Priti,

Thank you for your professional and diligent work and support over what has been a difficult time for us, with my Father passing away. I was a little sceptical at the beginning - but these feelings proved to be totally unnecessary with the way that you competently managed the process and with the achievements you made.

I highly recommend Lightside’s services to anyone that has financial problems and requires advice and assistance and only wish I had come across them earlier…..

Mr. L in London
Vicky & Johnny D.,
West London
We were introduced to Priti Shah in April 2006. We had a big mortgage on a flat but were really struggling with debt as well, we had taken on too much and had a young toddler and we felt overwhelmed. Priti has a very calming voice and is very matter of fact in the way she says things. She explained what options were open to us and she dealt with all our creditors and organised payment plans with them all. It was such a relief that Priti took over and dealt with all the letters and phone calls and I remember hiding in my bed when a bailiff came to call and Priti was on the phone to me and calmed me down.
Fast forward 6 years and our situation was such that we decided to go bankrupt. Our flat had been repossessed, we now had a young family and we were struggling again. Priti was the calm voice of reason and explained our options, all the paperwork was done on our behalf and she accompanied us to the County Court on the day of Bankruptcy. She talked us through what the Official Receiver would say and therefore the phone interview was less stressful than anticipated. All the way through our dealings with Priti, she has prepared us for worst case scenarios so there have been no surprises and she is obviously an expert in her field and understood completely what we were going through and what needed to be done.
We cannot praise Priti highly enough, she made a horrible and distressing situation that much calmer and we continue to be reassured that she is at the end of phone should we have any more questions or problems. Without gushing too much, we think she is an amazing woman and I dread to think how we would have coped if she had not been there for us. Anyone who is struggling financially needs a Priti in their lives!

Vicky & Johnny D., West London
Emily G
WIBN member
I have known Priti Shah since 2007. She has helped to transform what could have been one of the most stressful and unpleasant periods of my life. Instead of facing fear I have been given the utmost in generous support. Priti's expertise and attention to detail are phenomenal.

Priti has taken way all the difficulties for me in terms of sorting out my finances during what
could have been a literally terrifying experience for me. However, on the contrary instead of feeling alone and afraid I have felt quite the opposite.

Priti has a knack of simplifying the most complex and seemingly impenetrable systems.
I truly admire her dedication to her clients have felt completely supported by her over the past
few years.

I would recommend Priti to anyone needing support with anything to do with finances. She has a whole different take on things and can often offer advice that you would never have thought of before and that is just exactly what you need.

Emily G, London. WIBN member
Ms. P.
N. London & Spain
Dear Lightside:

I can't thank enough Priti Shah for the way she is helping us with all our financial problems. To hire Lightside and, especially Priti Shah has been the best thing we could have done. Priti is efficient, helpful, full of ideas, always ready to help and always with a beautiful smile on her face that brings us the peace and calm we really need at this time.
Our life would have not been the same without her and when we thought everything was lost she came to our help. She is an angel that has solved so much in our life lately.
I can highly recommend her and Lightside to everybody.
Thanks again for everything

Ms. P., North London & Spain
Susie Hi John,

I am writing to thank you and Chris for the invaluable advice you provided to us regarding the situation at A H Ltd.

Before meeting you I had been struggling for some time to try to establish what options were realistically available to the Directors given the difficult circumstances that the business was in. It was a great relief to find that you took care to examine both the actual situation of the business and also the Directors' hopes for the future before recommending a suitable course of action. I really had not expected that quality of advice for free.

Wilson Field have provided an excellent service, helping us through the insolvency process with friendly and helpful advice. In the one aspect where a potential snag appeared the thorough work of the team there ensured that this did not derail our plans.

Although I hope never to need to, I would be relieved to know you if the requirement for your services arose in the future.

Best wishes

Anon "It is fair to say that without the help of Chris & John through Lightside that my future personal & professional life would have damaged for a significant number of years. Their advice was commercial, pragmatic & not least professional which enabled me & my family to agree a realistic debt clearance strategy. It is great to move forward a few years and be debt free!" Thanks.

Mr. M When you find yourself facing bankruptcy , it is unbelievably stressful and difficult to think through issues rationally.

'What Lightside did was three things - (1) -they bring knowledge to the table and understand the whole process thoroughly and explain patiently all you need to know - (2) -they do all the paperwork ! - and (3) -they offer a high level of calming reassurance all the way through the experience and beyond.

Having someone who is both non-judgemental but also supportive on your side is a great comfort. They are worth every penny and I would not hesitate to recommend them.'
Hello Lightside,

Thank you for everything you have done for dad, he is so grateful! We couldn't have asked for anyone any nicer or anyone more down to earth than you! Your such a lovely person and deserve the best in life!
I cant thank you enough for saving dad, C…. and C…..'s family home!

Your such a genuine person and you were there whenever i needed to phone you, and even if you didn't answer your phone the first time you would always get back to me as soon as possible!

Much love,

Mrs. S
Dear Chris, a million thanks for being there today and helping me through all of this. You have been fantastic and taken away the fear and anxiety from the whole process. Could not have done it without all your support and advice. Thank you.
Mr D
"I met with Chris following recent struggles with the Inland Revenue. His advice was free and impartial, and in only one hour, Chris has made me feel the best I have felt in many months. His advice has helped me looked to the future now and move through this difficult period. I would recommend them to anybody, even more than the Citizen's Advice Bureau!"
Mrs, S
Dear Chris,
Thank you for making things so simple and stress free. You have been fantastic and we really appreciate it.
Kind regards
Mrs S
Dear John and Chris,
Just a few words to thank you all for your help over this extremely stressful time in my life. Now that things are settled and i can reflect on the last few months i realise what wonderful people you are, i was in a desperate place financially as you know with nowhere to turn and then you both took my case on. You have done all you said that you would and more especially with such a complicated case to deal with. You have been patient efficient and professional all along and i would not have been able to cope without you both to take all the pain and stress away and need i say that the end result was a brilliant one for me. I would say to anyone in financial difficulties, "Talk to John and Chris at Lightside" (they can help!) no matter how bad things are they can make it better.

Once again thank you both for all you have done for me.

In or around February 2008 having gone through Financial problems I went to a company who informed me the best thing for me to do was go through a Debt Management Plan as being a Police Officer I could not apply for Bankruptcy and the only way out was through the D.M.P. They also advised that Bankruptcy was not an option even if I could due to my employ.

About 14 months later hardly a penny had come off my Debts even though I was paying each instalment to them monthly without fail. It would have taken me 33yrs to pay it all off!!

I felt down, worried, at the end of my tether to be honest and sought help through the Police Federation who put me in touch with Lightside Financial who had an office in Nailsea. I had an initial appointment at the Head Office. They advised me of my options and one of them being Bankruptcy but importantly to myself they did not Judge me which meant so much. To my relief the 'Job' would accept that being a Police Officer I was in fact 'Human' and Bankruptcy can affect any one in any walk of life.

I left that meeting on a high to be honest. I knew there was a way out of this dark tunnel that to be honest had been going on for years and which I thought I would eventually sort out but the time had come for Professional help.

Now?? The best decision I made and am so much in 'Debt' to use a Pun to not only Lightside but Gill and Carole...Worth their weight in Gold. Thank you both for everything you have done and keep up the excellent Work and Service and Honesty you provide.
Lightside. What a find !!!

When I was given Lightside's phone number. The black clouds over our lives started to lift. Not just a voice at the end of a phone, but real people to sit down and talk things through with. The kind personal approach made me feel that somebody cared and really wanted to help us get our lives back on track.

A huge thank you goes out to 'The girls '
I would recommend anyone with any financial problems to contact Lightside where there is always a friendly welcome putting you at ease.

I will certainly be passing that phone number on to anyone I know who is suffering financial problems .
It is good to know the team are with you every step of the way. A friendly sincere service

Thank you.


Dear Lightside,
I was recommended to your company by friends who themselves had been through a tough time.  It took great courage to call you in the beginning as when times get harder and harder you think you can still cope with all that is being thrown at you. But I called and I had a meeting with John and Chris and gave them the full story, I hated myself for the position I was in, I felt like I was letting everyone down and could not see a way out of this mess.
My family life was being affected and I thought that we may lose our home. It was a great relief  to share my fears and concerns as things had gone from bad to worse.
I now felt I had a support team in place.  I also started talking to Carol in the office almost daily to start with. Carol was there for me 100% with advice and everything I asked of her was never any problem. Everything was delt with promptly and correctly every single time, Carol  is a friendly, supportive and caring voice at the end of the phone. I would really like to say that when I call Carol now its like we have been friends for years, I can really talk to her about anything and I always come of the phone to her feeling like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders. Carol gives me great advice and  gets really pleased for me when I tell her good news too. Thank you to  all of you ,but I have to say a really really big thank you to Carol .

This journey is not over yet but I'm nearly there! I personally feel a 100% times about myself and the future of my business. My journey is now going in the right direction which started by contacting Lightside.
There are not words to say to you all how grateful I am .
Thank You.

Miss Sam


"I have always been wary of anything described as 'FREE' but Lightside is true to it's word! 
I don't normally put pen to paper but I really want to thank you John for the amount of time you have spent helping me with what was becoming an unbearable situation.
As you know I had been in the system with the Citizens Advice Bureau for almost a year and wasn't getting anywhere. Following your advice and empathy I can sleep properly for the first time in months.
I can't thank you enough. You are like an angel. If I ever come across anyone who needs debt advice I will be urging them to call you!

Thank you.



"Hi John,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for the invaluable free advice you gave me. I really don't know where things would be at the moment without it. Thanks to you, I have managed to take the correct path for my circumstances. I just wish that the original IVA company I started out with could have given me the same advice, which would have saved me literally thousands of pounds and years of stress.

Best regards,
Mr S
"Dear Keith/John

Thank you so much for your time last Friday to help me review my financial situation and options to address the state of my family finances. Whilst I appreciate that a personal financial “melt down” is not imminent, I was very reassured about your sensitive and sympathetic approach and should my situation get worse I would have no hesitation in coming back to you to seek your help.

Again, I am so humbled and grateful at the way you were able to put me completely at ease when talking about the delicate issue of money and debt and I will certainly recommend you to friends and acquaintances who find themselves struggling with their own finances. Thank you again.

Yours sincerely
Mr F
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for your help over this difficult time, after our first meeting I felt all the worry of the past year slide away. The relief I felt when you took over our case was like a light coming on in a very dark place! You have both done all you said you would do and more I cannot thank you enough.

I really hope that anyone who is in the same place as I was (a dark and frightening financial hole with seemingly no way out) contacts you as I did because no one should have to bear that much stress without hope. Not only did you give me hope but you supported me each step of the way and for that I shall always be grateful.

With sincerest thanks
Mrs P
"I would like to say a big Thank You! to the guys at Lightside. I have had years of worry and stress with my debts. Chris and John were so kind. They came to my home and explained everything and were always at the end of the phone.

I have now gone Bankrupt and again they were with me every step of the way. I now feel I can get my life back, without the worry of the phone ringing and the door going as people were chasing me for money.

A great weight has been lifted.

Mike Gibbs
Reach Business Solutions Limited
"Lightside recently supported me with an organisation in financial difficulty, the directors were in turmoil as to what to do next. From the outset, John and Chris were both attentive and compassionate in this extremely sensitive situation. Their practical approach availed a number of options and once the way forward had been agreed, they had a remarkable ability to allay any of the directors fears during the entire process to conclusion.

I would strongly recommend any business owners with financial worries to consult with Lightside'

Mr Y
"Dear Chris,

This is just a letter to say thank you for all your help.

I cannot say thank you enough for the advice you gave to both myself and Emma over our financial difficulties, if it had not been for your advice I am sure I would still be in terrible trouble (if not worse) with the companies that I owed money to.

I would not hesitate to pass Lightside's number on to anybody going through financial worries. The advice, and the way you explained the processes that we would go through, were easy to take in. Also your assistance, with any paperwork, whether over the phone, or face to face, has been wonderful.

Thank you
Mr. M
"Thanks John,

I would like to thank you for the invaluable help you offered throughout the difficult times I have been through financially over the last few years. After being told by another debt advice company that entering into an IVA was my best choice I discovered that they were only in it for their share of the money and not, as you were, for my best interests. Always a friendly and informative voice at the end of the phone and there when I needed person to person help filling in forms, dealing with aggressive debtors and getting me through some times when I felt very alone.

Thanks to your help I now enjoy a much better quality of life and have got my good nights sleep back!

Many thanks
Mr and Mrs D
"We would like to thank Chris and John for all their work leading up to, during and after our bankruptcy. Having been badly advised by other people promising us a solution to our problems but merely looking to gain we turned to Lightside out of pure desperation. This was to be the best thing we done as they were very understanding about our predicament and at no time did they judge us on what was happening but purely wanted to give us their best advise and a way forward.

All along the way they were only a phone call away and whenever we were in court etc they were by our sides explaining everything that was happening and getting the best results for us they could. Even 9 months after bankruptcy they are still willing to speak to official receiver etc on our behalf if there has been any problems. Without their knowledge we are sure we would of been in an even worse situation and definitely would of lost our home.

Please if you need help, contact them as you will not find a better service anywhere.
"No thank you that you will ever receive will be more heartfelt than this one. From day one you have seen us through the most difficult of times and always been a phone call away. For all that, we are truly grateful.

Very best wishes.
Ms J

"Dear Lightside
Its been a long a difficult road since September and many things have changed. I want you to know that with all sincerity I could not have managed without you.  The support you have given me has not only helped me but also reassured my family that I can get through this.  You are a perfect example of how a job can be done with empathy and genuine care and consideration. 

With love. J x

Mr G
"Thank God for Chris and John at  Lightside! 

I was having to make some difficult decisions about how to handle a financial situation I was left in after my closing my business. Chris and John took me through the various realistic options and outcomes, and how each of these could be managed. No solicitor offered to do this, and the advice given by those lawyers I approached was, quite frankly, off hand, and demeaning. It was clear that Chris and John had solely MY interests at heart. I would be the total focus of the best outcome, not any one else. I made the decision that bankruptcy was the clearest, cleanest and most sensible way ahead and put myself in their hands to manage the documentation and procedure. That was just over  6 months ago. They made the whole process straight forward and easy to comprehend. Chris and John also kept me focused on the "light at the end of the tunnel".

My bankruptcy was discharged in just over six months; the debt burden has been remove for ever, and a new chapter of my business life has opened without any stigma. Needless to say I have no regrets, nor do my family, and the undue pressure the particular high street bank was causing is a distant memory.


Having found myself in severe financial difficulties, I was about to make further mistakes that would have made my situation much worse, based on so called professional advice!  Thankfully a friend introduced me to John and Chris at Lightside.  What a relief! They arranged an interview within a couple of days. Their approach was both professional and sympathetic. Their advice is free and, most importantly, they are on your side, not the creditors!  I was impressed because they refused to give “knee jerk” advice. They took time to gather all the facts which were then analysed and a range of possible solutions offered. Importantly, they understand that financial problems can be linked to identifiable events in your life. (Interest rates, redundancy etc) This process can be somewhat therapeutic at a time of intense pressure.  There was no “hard sell.”  Buying their services has been invaluable to me and definitely “value for money.”

They have dealt with my creditors and guided me through a difficult time with respect and understanding. It is without hesitation, that I recommend Lightside to you.

Mr & Mrs T
" Lightside were very supportive to us during the process of bankruptcy. After exploring the options available to us, their expertise gave us the foundation necessary to move forward, building confidence and reassurance in the planned action we needed to take.

They were professional yet personal, knowledgeable but not patronising, and provided us with a service that we believe to be essential for anyone experiencing financial difficulty.

Mr B
"Lightside have done a wonderful job. From the initial meeting, where all my options were explored, to the discharge from bankruptcy. I never felt alone and I was kept fully updated as they handled everything. I am terrible at form filling and would of paid the fees alone just for them to do that part, but they also provide a very reliable service with a very friendly touch and support you the whole way.

The entire process was seamless and i had forgotten what a good nights sleep was like until these guys took onboard my financial problems and sorted them out. I would definitely recommend them to anybody.
Police Constable B Bristol
"Lightside are very good at what they do and are very professional. I would highly recommend Lightside for their professionalism and compassion and I hope the Police Federation continue to work alongside them.

I have no doubt there will be other officers, like myself, who would greatly benefit from their services".
Mr C

"I cannot recommend too highly, the services of Lightside.

My company was struggling in the recession with no support from our bankers. I rapidly found out that good advice is very hard to come by as it always seems to be slanted in favour of the banks rather than the individual. Eventually I was put in touch with Lightside who having looked at our business and personal arrangements, were able to spell out exactly what my options were and their implications. Because I had given personal guarantees to the bank on the company overdraft my biggest exposure was to them. If the company ceased to trade the bank would call the loans in and invoke my guarantees. It soon became clear that my only sensible course of action was to declare myself bankrupt, a course of action that I had not wanted to consider because of the stigma attached.

Lightside's directors convinced and assured me that this was the best course of action for me and my family. Having made the decision they then managed the entire process with me and accompanied me every step of the way and took the load off my shoulders. What would have been a most stressful experience was rendered simple, straightforward and painless.

Personally, I wish I had come across Lightside much earlier as it would have saved much anxiety
“I can highly recommend Lightside to help you with your financial problems. They have not only dealt with all aspects successfully, but have given a great deal of support throughout the whole process.

They have been incredibly professional, friendly and helpful”.